Commissioning a picture is a fun way to highlight a special moment, place or person.  Commissions vary from the serious to the silly.  

The best way to commission a picture is through email or by phone.  If you are in Cambridge, a visit to my studio is also a great way to discuss what you would like.  I am always happy to work with an idea or brainstorm with you to find the image you would be like portrayed.  

Prices vary depending on the size and complexity of the picture.

Here are a few that were on the silly but fun side...

One woman asked me to do a picture of her sister in a scuba suit who went diving in the cam in an effort to find the glasses her husband loved and lost when his boat capsized. 

Another fun picture was based on the Hide and Seek picture I did with silver birches and children playing together.  For this one, however it was the little son playing hide and seek with some of his favourite fairy tale/nursery rhyme characters.

Here are a few recent examples...